OUT of OSTRALE O10 Katowice

26 days
59 artists
17 nationalities
2,500 m² exhibition space

The OSTRALE international exhibition of contemporary arts in Dresden is enjoying more and more popularity among art critics, artists and art students all over Europe. Its subsequent editions are being extended by organizers to include new projects. This year the organizers of OSTRALE O10 have invited three cultural centers from three Europeans cities to join a cooperation: Katowice (Poland), Eupen (Belgium), and Pecs (Hungary), to create a chain of common experiences and aesthetic values of young Europeans.

The Wilson Shaft Gallery, which owns unusual, postindustrial exhibition spaces with a total (roofed) area of 2,500 square meters, has been recognized as the best place in Poland to exhibit the artworks gathered during the Dresden exhibition. The collaboration with OSTRALE O10 thus enabled the sharing the newest artistic thoughts between European and Polish artists.

The remarkably extended format of OSTRALE includes visual arts as well as multimedia and installations, creating an accurate overview of the newest currents dominating the contemporary art world.

The aim of the OUT of OSTRALE exhibitions is first and foremost to build a common artistic ground on the basis of postindustrial heritage. Postindustrial spaces are getting more and more support, and for younger generations, they are becoming a real reference to the past, defining the character and identity of postindustrial regions. Among dilapidated ruins and forgotten buildings, artists and citizens can find spaces which inspires them to direct action. Searching for their roots in these newly discovered spaces allows young people to experiment with the past, and former factory-, mill- and mine-workers and their families to keep up the hope that the areas where they once worked and lived will be vibrant with life again.

The OSTRALE O10 international exhibition of contemporary arts and OUT of OSTRALE raise awareness and interest towards the dialogue of contemporary artworks and historical architectural design. It also aims to stimulate the imagination of artists and locals to continue exploring new ways of artistic expression and the application of spaces of historical value for new purposes.

Artists of OUT of OSTRALE O10 Katowice

Suus Baltussen (NL), Pavel Banka (CZ), Stéphan Barron (FR), Neno Belchev (BG), Karin Besser (DE), Katarina Blanke (DE), Michel Boekhoudt (NL), Ralph Cüpper (BE), Serge Cloot (BE), Gregor Colienne (BE), Giacomo Costa (IT), Robert Dämmig (DE), Frauke Danzer (DE), Elizabeth Hoak Doering (CY), Kuznetcowa Edisherov & Katerina Alexander (DE/RU), Augustin Fructuoso (ES), Philipp Geist (DE), Ugnius Gelguda (LT), László Gergely & Péter Rákosi (HU), m.gitjes/bobok (DE), Johannes Göbel (DE), Michael Goller (DE), Mitsy Groenendijk (NL), Katrin Hanusch (DE), Ulrich Heemann (DE), Judith Heinsohn (NL), Andreas Hetfeld (NL), Antka Hofmann (DE), Anya Janssen (NL), Michael Johannson (SE), Heike König (DE), Stefanie Körner (DE), Kirsten Krüger (DE), Ludwig Kuckartz (DE), Isa Lange (DE), Lena von Lapschina (RU/AT), Carol May (CH), Dana Meyer (DE), Tanja Mosblech (BE), Anne Müller (DE), Martin Müller (DE), Damaris Odenbach (DE), Vladimir & Maya Opara (RU), Klára Orosz (HU), Damir Radovic (FR), Melanie Richter (DE), Christian Roosen (BE), Ulrike Schüchler (DE), Dennis Tan (DE), Andreas Techler (DE), Justyna Tuha (PL/DE), John Tunley (UK), Rita Varga (HU), Collin Wilson (UK), Miriam Yammad (DE), Edwin Zwakman (NL)