April 2017
From May until July 2018 OSTRALE for contemporary arts is guest in the European Capital Culture, in St. James Cavalier, in the German Maltese Circle and in the Valletta Contemporary, Malta!
To begin with we were already in Valletta to prepare and open a pre-show. A lot of work, a great location, unique art and new friends are the result of 10 days in Valletta.
Here are some impressions of our exhibition for VIVA-Festival in Valletta in Malta as a pre-show for the great launch of Valletta European Capital of Culture 2018.
On Saturday 17th  April 2017 it was the opening of the exhibition and the next day the opening of Anne and Martin Müller took place with a performance of Anne Müller.(c) Ostrale


February 2017
OSTRALE is the third largest exhibition for contemporary art in Germany and is taking place this year for the 11th time in Dresden. The aim of the international exhibition is: young non-established artists, in addition to internationally recognized artists, to offer a market-independent platform. Artists, from different genres such as painting, sculpture, photography, sound-light video, installations and performance are the guests of OSTRALE every year.There is close cooperation with Dresden institutions, collectors and galleries as well as with international curators, biennials and cultural institutions. In 2018 we guest among others in Valletta (Malta) the European Capital of Culture.Startseite_neu

„OSTRALE-Schulklassen“; (OSTRALE 2015) Foto OSTRALE; „Unfallwagen04“ von Amac Garbe (OSTRALE 2016) Foto Sven König; „Wald 3.0“ von Doris Hansen (OSTRALE 2015); „Circus“ von Katarina Belkina (OSTRALE 2016); „Brot und Salz“ von Peter Schmidt (OSTRALE 2015) Foto Sven König; OSTRALE-Schulklassen (OSTRALE 2015), Foto OSTRALE