Tomas Wendland, Harro Schmidt, Antka Hofmann, Sabine Schlenker, Andrea Hilger, Susanna Käpler, Charlotte Fiedler, Jakob Gaumer, Sven Dämmig
OSTRALE-Jury & Team: Tomas Wendland, Harro Schmidt, Antka Hofmann, Sabine Schlenker, Andrea Hilger, Susanna Käpler, Charlotte Fiedler, Jakob Gaumer, Sven Dämmig


The open jury session taking place:
1st jury session:  31st March  –  3rd April
2nd jury session:  15th & 16th April
each from 10am to 6pm at Schneider & Partner GmbH, Lortzingstrasse 37, 01307 Dresden

members of the jury:
Tomas Wendland / Poland, Director of 5th Mediationsbiennale „Fundamental“ Poznan, curator of the cooperation between Dresden, Hannover, Poznan

Harro Schmidt / Germany, artistic director of Kunsthalle Faust Hannover, curator of the cooperation between Dresden, Hannover, Poznan

Antka Hofmann / Germany, co-chairman OSTRALE Dresden, artist, representative for Syowia Kyambi / Kenia, curator of the cooperation between Nairobi, Dresden, Poznan

Sabine Schlenker / Germany, art historian

Andrea Hilger / Germany, artistic director OSTRALE Dresden, curator of the cooperation between Dresden, Hannover, Poznan, Nairobi



Get-together for refugees and locals
Sunday, 31 January 2016, 3-6pm, Albertinum, Dresden

Both refugees and Dresden residents are invited to attend this event. The main purpose is initially for people to get to know one another. At a special fair where Dresden institutions and Leisure establishments will be offering free tickets for certain events, refugees and people from Dresden can arrange to meet up to do something together. There will also be lively stage performances with music, coffee and the traditional Dresden ‘Eierschecke’ cake, as well as activities for children.

#WODDresden - 1
#WOD: Yalla Yalla – Meet a friend



Last week the European Commission honoured Nathalie Bertrams with the Lorenzo Natali Media Prizes for reporting on development issues. Because of her global reflection of diverse topics, which has been at all times relevantly and in an exciting focus to the OSTRALE selection, Nathalie Bertrams joined OSTRALE in 2010, 2011 and 2013. We are pleased with her about the outstanding prize.

Nathalie Bertrams »Ah Dalibandla« (2011)
Nathalie Bertrams »Ah Dalibandla« (2011)

Her last photo reportage about Palestinian and Syrian refugees in Lebanon ‘Forgotten – Refugees in Beirut’ you can find here:

Nathalie Bertrams



You can’t get enough of OSTRALE´O15’s fascinating work, want to find out more about subject matters or give someone a very special present? Then secure yourself a catalogue for this year’s exhibition for €20.  Please send us an email at or call us on 0351/6533763. Postage is free of charge.


openHUB Second Art Event: “Food/Eat Art”
at the Palazzina Sicentro and the Biblioteca Valvassori Peroni, Milano, Italy

Five European Art Events

The series of art events within the openHUB Europe project is focused around three main themes: 1. “Food/Eat Art”, 2. “Rural vs. Urban” and 3. “Po.rozumienie, Über.einkommen, Under.standing”. The series of events start with a zoom into an existential need of everyday life – food. It explores this cultural medium, which food definitely is, in various artistic ways in order to find out more about its meaning and its importance to the European society nowadays. The approach around this particular topic is transdisciplinary and will contain of practical actions, as cooking and artistic activities as performances, lectures and exhibition. A preview of this art event was first shown in Dresden during OSTRALE’O15 and will be shown now in Milan and be presented there on larger scale.

openHUB Europe is composed of Five Art Events. Every parter organization in Poland, Belgium, Italy and Germany organizes one Art Event during the two-years project. At every Art Event all openHUB Europe activities like exhibitions, artist in residencies, workshops for audience, professional trainings for the partner organizations, pannels discussions and events will take place.

openHUB Second Art Event: “Food/Eat Art” Flyer

openHUB Second Art Event: “Food/Eat Art” Flyer

13th of October 2015, 6.30 p.m.
Opening Exhibition „Eat Art, Art to eat“
with classical music concert by Suzuki School of Milan

Exhibiting Artists
Wanda Sidorowicz, PL
Elwira Zacharska, PL
Mateusz Tatarczyk, PL
Annedore Dietze, GER
Ilona Krieg, GER
Gábor Kjirály, HUN
Mustafa Sabbagh, JOR
Jean Bernard Koeman, BE
Johan De Wild, BE
Kristin Posehn, US
Michael Rohde, GER
Marcel Walldorf, GER


Exhibition at the Biblioteca Valvassori Peroni
via Valvassori Peroni, 56, 20133 Milano, Italy
Exhibition opening hours:
Mon–Tue: 9 a.m.–7 p.m.
Wed: 2–7 p.m.
Thu–Sat: 9 a.m.–7 p.m.
Closed on Sundays

16th of October 2015, 5.45 p.m.
Opening Exhibition „Eat Art, Art to eat“ with concert of
classical guitar, presentation of works and performances
of Cake Design, in collaboration with the artists of the
„Association Swiat Nadziei“, Wroclaw, Poland

Exhibiting Artists
Norbert Guthier, GER
Ilona Krieg, GER
Piotr Jeruzel, PL
Elwira Zacharska, PL
Marcel Walldorf, GER
Ronny Heiremans, BE


During OSTRALE´O15 a Public’ Prize has been awarded. Each visitor could vote threetimes for its OSTRALE favourites.  7,473  voting papers have been evaluated. These three most popular artists of the public are from our neighbouring countries Poland and Switzerland. Artists with the highest score looking forward to following prices:

1st place

At this year’s Public’ Prize endowed a worth € 1,000 – with an outstanding lead – for Barnaba Mikułowski (Vaticinator) from Wroclaw with »Elementary Compounds« (2015).

Barnabas Mikulowski (Vaticinator) »Elementary Compounds« (2015), photo: König

Barnabas Mikulowski (Vaticinator) »Elementary Compounds« (2015), photo: König

2nd place

The second price, donated with € 500, receives polish artists Milos Flisz with his work »At the fisherman ́s place« (object, sculpture, 2014/15).

Milos Flisz »At the fisherman ́s place« (Objekt, Skulptur, 2014/15), photo: König

Milos Flisz »At the fisherman ́s place« (Objekt, Skulptur, 2014/15), photo: König

3rd place

The third price receives French artist Laure Boulay with »L ́impasse« (bronze, iron, 2013). This ranking is associated with another invitation for OSTRALE ́O16 with new works.

Laure Boulay  „L ́impasse“ (Bronze, Eisen, 2013), Foto: Arrigo Coppitz

Laure Boulay „L ́impasse“ (Bronze, Eisen, 2013), Foto: Arrigo Coppitz



Under the title OSTRALE.kontrovers on the 18th and 19th September, the focus of our activities, which will follow various formats, will be on politically educational aspects of art made by artists with migrant backgrounds and the inclusion of foreign cultures.  As well as guided tours of school classes with particular focus on the sensory depiction of current problems and issues surrounding society, migration and its treatment in other countries, there will be presentations and discussion forums, which will include practising local and international creative artists, who will debate current issues surrounding the effects of culture on social processes.