OSTRALE´O15 | HANDLE WITH CARE | 10 July – 27 Sept 2015


The OSTRALE´O15 appeals for a careful handling!

Excess and waste, greed and exploitation dominate our planet and will inevitably lead to the destruction of our world. HANDLE WITH CARE is the appeal of the OSTRALE’O15, which takes place from 10 July – 27 September 2015!

The aim of the OSTRALE as a market-independent platform is to give young, unestablished artists room next to already internationally recognized artists who express themselves in all artistic genres – from painting, photography and sculpture to dance and performance to video Art.

For the 9th time the OSTRALE presents on over 20,000 square meters of exhibition space international contemporary Art in Dresden, Ostragehege in the feed and small cattle sheds of the former Erlwein slaughterhouse area. An exceptional site close to the historic city centre which offers visitors to the OSTRALE a discourse between industrial monument and unique Art experience.

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