openHUB Europe

OSTRALE Foundation Cultural Identity with European Partners

openHUB Europe offers a platform for sustainable collaborations on a European level in the realm of interdisciplinary contemporary arts. The development of a common European cultural identity and sense of community is at the same time an exciting and a drawn-out process. The complex activities of the two-year project which started in May 2015 consist of exhibitions, artist in residencies, workshops for audience, professional trainings for the partner organizations, panels discussions and events. openHUB Europe offers space to reflect on geographical, intellectual, social and economic contexts in order to better understand and practice collaborative processes within the European cultural field. At OSTRALE´O16, artists from the italien and polish partner organizations also participate in the artist residencies program of openHUB Europe.

openHUB Europe aims to support artists with and without disabilities and cultural managers in their individual capacity building in the realm of inter- and transnational collaboration by involving experts from various domains and by a constant transfer of knowledge and experiences. In the context of openHUB Europe these artists will participate in Artist-in-Residencies in Dresden and Milano and exhibit their works.

Partners organizations

OSTRALE – Centre for Contemporary Arts as main partner of openHUB Europe cooperates with these European partner organizations:

The ArtBrut Gallery and Studio for Encouraging Social Participation in Wrocław, Poland had been the key projects of “The World of Hope Association” since early 2009. Its mission is the presentation and active promotion of art and other creative efforts by people with intellectual disabilities and mental disorders, social integration and search for new ways to support disabled artists. The Gallery and Studio hold exhibitions, workshops, meet-the-artist events and sessions to encourage social inclusion.

Associazione Equinozio in Milano, Italy produces and promotes art events in collaboration with associations, institutions, libraries and theaters, creating “cultural circuits”. Next to video concerts and theatre shows with music, poetry and images dedicated to Italian culture, Literary Appetizers and film clubs, Equinozio also has created trainings and development projects of social cohesion in recent years, working with major institutional partners financed by Cariplo Foundation and the City of Milan, e.g. draft art therapy which are held in the prison of Saint Victor. The project was designed and implemented by association Equinozio, in collaboration with cooperative A & I, Arci Milan, Lombardy Region, the Municipality of Milan, Bicocca University.

Netwerk / centre for contemporary art in Aalst, Belgium develops an operation focusing on the creation of visual arts, where their conception, production, presentation and public relations are central, and through which both international exchanges as well as local cooperation’s are supported. The exhibition program, enriched by residence projects, situates contemporary developments in the visual arts in a broader social context. All disciplines in the visual arts are hereby placed in synergy with other artistic expressions such as performances and concerts, theatre, dance and literature. Since 2006 Netwerk operates as Netwerk / centre for contemporary art, recognized by the Flemish Government.

Heinz Bert Dreckmann »Geschlossene Gesellschaft« (2011), photo: Hebran

Heinz Bert Dreckmann »Geschlossene Gesellschaft« (2011), photo: Hebran

Five European Art Events

openHUB Europe is composed of Five Art Events. Every partner organization in Poland, Belgium, Italy and Germany organizes one Art Event during the two-years project including various perspectives and approaches from all partners.

  • First Art Event: “Food/Eat Art” in Dresden, Germany at OSTRALE´O15, 10.7.-29.9.2015
  • Second Art Event: “Food/Eat Art” in Milano, Italy at an old Villa and the public Library, 13.-29.10.2015
  • Third Art Event: “Rural vs. Urban” in Aalst, Belgium at the Gallery space of “Netwerk / centre for contemporary arts”, 21.5.-8.6.2016
  • Fourth Art Event: “Po.rozumienie, Über.einkommen, Under.standing” inWrocław, Poland at the Gallery space of “The ArtBrut Gallery and Studio for Encouraging Social Participation” June/July 2016
  • Fifth Art Event: “Po.rozumienie, Über.einkommen, Under.standing” at OSTRALE´O16, 1.7.-25.9. 2016

Further informations:

openHUB Europe project is co-funded by CREATIVE EUROPE Programme of the European Union, and organized by OSTRALE – Centre for Contemporary Arts, Associazione Culturale Equinozio, NETWERK, centrum voor hedendaagse kunst, and ArtBrut Gallery and Studio for Encouraging Social Participation.