Monogenetic – Graffiti at the O15


Graffiti and the varieties that it has given rise to are hugely popular at the moment. Since Banksy’s recent global triumph, the established art world has absorbed this expressive form, which original took place outside any institutional context. Every day, illegal art on trains and walls is branded simultaneously as vandalism, pursued as a criminal act and removed. Graffiti takes place legally or illegally, it annoys or it delights, it is observed as “vandalism”, “property damage”, “unauthorized surface alteration” as youth culture, or as recognized art. The exhibition can therefore give no response to the question “What is graffiti?” Instead it presents individual interpretations of the term. While many of the artists have remained true to the classic lettered graffiti in all its forms, others have set the spray-can aside and use highly diverse techniques and media in order to reflect their prolonged, technical, material and also content-related involvement with graffiti, as well as to document or parody. Many anonymous actors from the illegal scene exhibit their works under pseudonyms, while others have discarded their alter ego and appear with their real name. The exhibition wants to deliberately offer legally and illegally working artists a platform under the motto of a “family meeting”. Just as in an extended family, the artistic approaches are similar because of their common origin yet still in the public eye they are mostly regarded as fundamentally different. This multi-faceted exhibition surprises the viewer with small wall painting and large-scale murals, as well as with sculptures, documentary photography, audiovisual art, performances and conceptual, multi-media installations.


Project managment

11th -12th July 2015: Graffiti special at the opening weekend

Wall Meetings, Workshops, Art Sale Market, Movie Screening, Graffiti highlights at the Museum’s summernight and much more: Learn more about the schedule of these colourful days and nights. The highlights:

11th July 2015, 20:00-1:00 Graffiti Night @ O15

Tour through the Graffiti exhibition “Monogenetic”, Crew Battles with Palais Palett Club Installation, Sprayer Competition with electronic music, H 11 | OSTRALE-Gelände

12th July 2015, 20:00 , Stefan Pohl»Hello my name is – German Graffiti«

Filmtheater Schauburg Dresden